• Okapi Casual Restaurant Kempton Park

      Firstly, Lose yourself in the moment and drift away in the wonderfully informal atmosphere of the Okapi Casual Restaurant Kempton Park.

      The Okapi Restaurant Kempton Park is nestled in the magnificent grounds of the award winning Blue Mango Lodge. Okapi restaurant serves mouth-watering traditional South African food. Secondly, try our wines and beers in the stunning relaxed setting of a thatched lapa. Enjoy the stunning boma fires and haunting African melodies.

      As a result the creative menu of Okapi restaurant showcases the finest wholesome faire that South Africa has to offer. Most noteworthy is that our food appeal to both Vegan and Carnivore alike.  

      Thirdly, Tourists visiting our shores will find the Okapi Casual Restaurant in Kempton Park to be ideally situated. We are close to O.R.Tambo International Airport. This will make us the perfect stop over for lunch or dinner for those wishing to enjoy a truly authentic South African dining. You must experience our restaurant before departing for pastures new. Furthermore, call an Uber or summon our in house shuttle service to whisk you away for a taste extravaganza you will never forget.

      Above all, Locals living and working in the area find the restaurant to be a haven of peace, tranquillity. Therefore Enjoy the convenience of a lazy breakfast, a power lunch, a workshop, conference, or a simple gossip over coffee.

    • Okapi Restaurant

      Finally, let us take you back for a moment many years ago. Therefore our chef Mpho Ramapotoka learnt to cook as a small child. Mpho cooked the most wonderful traditional comfort foods on an open log fire. Above all, this was done under the expert supervision of his master chef Gogo (grandmother). 

      After leaving home Mpho joined a well-known boutique hotel in his area, a dream come true for so many a young aspiring chef; however Mpho was sad,  the hotel menu lacked flair and Mpho was not allowed the creative freedom to produce the traditional foods he had mastered in his youth. 

      Was it coincidence or was it meant to be that this proud African man with his wonderful cooking skills should join the Okapi casual restaurant in Kempton Park, so far away from his rural homestead?

      Was it to be that so impressed with his abundance of natural talent the business owners would embraced Mpho and give him only one mandate? Create a celebration on a plate, an explosion of tastes, flavours & fusion, where foreign visitors and locals alike can enjoy a wonderful traditional meal in the relaxed and informal setting of the Okapi casual restaurant, Kempton Park, in the grounds of award winning Blue Mango Lodge.

    • Okapi Restaurant Kempton Park

      Mandate in mind, Mpho chooses only the freshest and finest quality ingredients for dishes on the Okapi menu. Okapi restaurant in Kempton Park offers a small menu of wild game meats, free range grass fed beef and lamb dishes, free range chicken & duck as well as non-farmed fish. Compliment this with the freshest organic vegetables, milk, buttermilk & free range eggs delivered daily fresh from the farm and you will see why Okapi in Kempton Park not only produces a celebration on a plate for meat eaters but for vegetarian and vegan alike.  

      Compliment your meal with a food pairing from our extensive list of local wines, a mainstream South African beer or the unique flavour of a craft beer, expertly brewed by one of our selected local artisanal Nano brewers.

      Why not choose a therapeutic spa treatment with a lunch or dinner package, why not overnight at the Blue Mango Lodge to enjoy the best hospitality that the region has to offer or simply call us to book a table for a first rate dining experience. 

      Whatever you do, simply enjoy the occasion and relax in comfort at the Okapi casual restaurant, Kempton Park there is nothing else like it.